My Background

Burning and dodging skills, cultivated in the darkroom, formed a foundation for my digital style as a photographer, visual designer, and artist. Life inspires me, particularly nature, atmospheric skies, animals and insects, macro and landscapes. Technology keeps me engaged with a community I've helped create, learning something new every day while expanding my horizons into different mediums, programs, and games on a regular basis.

South Florida born and raised, rarely without a camera, never without a book. MS-DOS allowing a semblance of escape on alternating weekends while growing up in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous,and Al-Anon. Summers were spent in Pleasant Hall, Pennsylvania with my biological great-grandparents, which were refreshingly isolated, as the only great-grandchild until I was 13. In American Sign Language, I immersed myself in the culture, silence, expressions, and community during classes at a deaf/blind school during high school.


At 15 I started working as a floral assistant, which turned front-end management as I graduated high school. Becoming my life for 5 years, while attending community college full-time. Irreplaceable memories, such as my final day when the entire store coordinated to 'send me off' with flowers, candy, and a whipped cream/pie chase are lovingly captured, below.

That's Brittany, Bryit for short, on the floor of her favorite grocery store.

Bryit on the floor, Ana holding hair.

How Graphic Design Found Me.

Iinterest in photography led to a discovery of magic in darkrooms while attending community college. Upon further pursuit, I learned of this art forms’ obsolescence. 


I visited The Art Institue of Ft. Lauderdales’ admissions department after work, on a rare evening free. An appointment with the photography advisor, a binder of my best black and white photos, and my current boyfriend in tow. I was completely deflated upon learning their darkrooms were being dismantled, I barely recall the rest of the mans’ words. 


It was 9 pm. I was tired, hungry, and hopeless, with a lengthy drive, and (unbeknownst to me at the time) an impending breakup. It felt like the building had gone to sleep and everyone should have left hours ago. I realized the sales style of the recruiter, but noticed a new listener. The bystander interrupted the pitch, pulling me to his office instead. Giving me a more honest approach, he told me what he heard from eavesdropping, asking if I had thought of graphic design as a major?


“Sir. I don’t know what graphic design is. Explain it to me.”

“It’s communicating using type and photos.”

“Alright. I’m in.”


The communication skills I’ve learned growing up in Narcotics Anonymous, American Sign Language, management plus I have an excuse to take photos and exercise literary prowess? Oh, and organize it so it’s clear? It’s digital-centric, so being passed over for art school in my early teens didn’t feel like a hindrance, and instead focused on my tech skills.

Post Graduation

My time between graduation and (re)meeting my husband was a whirlwind, involving more self-growth than I was prepared to handle, shaping the remainder of my life. My amiable nature and voracious reading habit led to an unintended discovery, confirmation of non-paternity. I re-attended college again for my 2-20 FL state license, obtained my life and health insurance licenses (studied for my series 6 and 63 licenses) while catering around South & Centeral Florida. Bought my Kawaski 650r, and held for 10 years before selling.



Sarcastically Compassionate Gamer Coffeephobic Designer
Salad Intolerant Artist

Unbeknownst to me, my husband tried asking me out in middle school. We grew up blocks from each other, graduating high school together as nothing more than acquaintances. Reaching out for photographic assistance, he was shooting for a semi-pro longboard skateboarder and needed help processing shots for print. After trading a few World of Warcraft references we set a plan for our first date.

As self-taught, repair-minded individuals, together we starting tackling projects on anything that spark our interests. We focused on vehicle modifications, joining a local Scion club (which has evolved into Boxed Lifestyle), even participating in a few car shows around the state with really amazing people. Our current projects: '92 SC400 and you should absolutely ask my husband about it,  refurbishing my HP Designjet Z2100 Photo printer, with future plans of drone ownership & pilots licensing for us both.

You can read about my estate sale adventures of 7 years, leading up to the 2020 pandemic, HERE. But, if you're curious how I landed that job: my mother-in-law handled cleanouts, and the company owner needed help one night sweeping out a garage near our home. At 9 pm, we grabbed brooms and drove over. At my 1st sale the owner was so sick, she fell asleep on the couch. So I kept finding the other woman working to 'deposit' cash, simply because I felt uncomfortable standing outside with $1,000 in cash on me, handling the garage assets. It's just not feasible to juggle that many smalls bills in an apron, without practice! I still work for both of these women in 2021, in completely different capacities.

Blockchain  |  Mining  |  NFTs

In March of 2018, my husband introduced me to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, so we started mining Garlicoin, while learning more. My tech side found a new place to inhale knowledge, though it wasn't until 2020 I began to understand some 'ground truths' through Gary Genslers' MIT course. All 23 classes are worth your time. Motivating me to run my own crypto discord dedicated to articles, news, trials, and tribulations I stumble across, and some due diligence I'm paid for. It's an excellent documentation tool for me.

I've always enjoyed repurposing items, I was never taught a different attitude. My garden thrives during the rainy season, currently focused on my apple, avocado, and lemon trees. Ongoing activities include felting, virtual reality, 3D printing, an online friend, therapist/mother for those in need of it, and a general troubleshooter. Some side jobs have included food vending at Fantasy Fest & Bonnaroo, cleaning AirBnb's, helping care for a disabled woman, refurbishing/painting countertops, and creating non-fungible tokens on OpenSea.

In November of 2021, we finally purchased a 3D printer and swiftly began adding upgrades. Current working installations include a Raspberry Pi (with additional USB power), OctoPod/Print, C922 webcams, and upgraded springs and extruder nozzle.