Non-Fungible Tokens


Photographer | NFT Artist | Visual Designer

Darkroom Trained | 20+ Years Photographing | Large Format Printer

Scored Hyper-lapsed Sunsets | Abstract Virtual Artist | 2D Digital Designer

3D Printer | Conceptual Communicator | Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design

Moments Beyond Printing

How do you print a video? The exhibition of digital art has expanded with the widespread use of high-resolution displays on televisions, monitors, and cell phones to showcase works of art. Transforming spaces, homes, and pockets into accessible, personal art galleries


If you're new, think of the background picture on your computer and phone, or a short video. Non-fungible simply means they are unique. Token is a term for cryptocurrencies, meaning they are bought and sold online using specific, digital currencies.


NFT use case examples.

Sports Fans may want to own their favorite dunk, score, or hole-in-one moment. 


Times Square and Tokyo have been transformed multiple times with NFTs,

worth searching for on YouTube.


My husband has been (thanks to his job) to the homes of fellow miners,

and private NFT home galleries. The collectors are here, and they're hungry.

My History in Crypto.

Mining Garlicoin ($GRLC) in March of 2018 began my crypto education, with zero expectations. When my first purchase arrived in the mail that next week, I was hooked. In 2020 I dedicated time (thank you, MIT) to further understand this pivoting technology and saw endless possibilities. As an artist, the NFT space is a haven. The application of non-fungible tokens in our daily lives is foreseeable. My husband and I spent time teaching our local community as many ground truths as possible, beginning in 2020. Hosting a discord server dedicated to blockchain news, resources, trials, and research to document and share, while minting on OpenSea.