World of Warcraft: Legion Recruiting

Legion releases on August 30th, 2016 - 2+ months away, still haven't even purchased the expansion myself (though my husband has already). However, that doesn't stop me from jumping in-game every day or so to grind out some gold to pay my (our) monthly subscription and finding new achievements to tackle or at least attempt. Of course, this expansion is a good bit different for me than the previous xpacs. It seems impossible that I've been playing this game since November 2007. Even more so it seems impossible that I'm an officer in a guild with people I adore and talk to more days then not.

With over 2 months to spare we're sending out reminders through in-game mail and Facebook getting our guildies input as to what class/spec they plan on playing, reminding them that although many guilds fell apart during this dry spell Blizzard has put us through this xpac that Team Two is still here and we're ready to raid!

So far we're looking good! Many of our core members are coming back to the game, we keep in touch through Facebook and Mumble and play other games together. Currently I have 15 or so Raiders accounted for, though I expect to have a problem with players wanting to take up enough healing classes to balance us out. In a perfect world I'd love to have 25 people to start out with us in this next set of raids and see if we can balance DPS to heals, but we'll see in the coming weeks where everyone is at and I'll start up recruitment from there.

Many of our officers (some unofficial officers too!) are helping out with researching new classes and raids, though I have full confidence in our new raid leader stepping up and knocking it out of the park in many, many ways. We're going to try a different approach this raid season, understanding that while many players might like to head into mythic raiding, as a whole that will probably not be our goal. We'll down normal and finish up heroic content but not kill ourselves trying to fill the require 20-man minimum with exceptional players. If we can, cool! If not then that's okay too. It's more important to have fun the be a top 10, 20 or even 30 guild. Period.

Wanna learn more about our team? My husband and I built a "digital home base" for our guild.

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