Pallet Project: Bathroom

I was on a kick for a while (just don't ask my husband how long!) and I was picking up any pallets that fit in my car. The lofty goals I had for these pallets was never ending, Pinterest may or may not have been an everyday adventure. Some were disassembled, some made it home and are currently still living in our shed. However one did make it on display! It wasn't a difficult project but I'm still proud when I see it.

Sanded, stained and hung with anchors this (rather large) piece was perfectly constructed to become shelves! I've added hooks along the top and a dowel rod with a cool old towel (with vintage cars on it!) draped on to create a curtain feel. It's been up on the wall for a years now and I couldn't be happier with it. Though I will warn you, sanding down pallets is no small feat - it is time consuming but worth the effort. I think the stain made a great difference too!

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