Estate Sales: How I Got Involved

So here's how I help up our household, and a few others (I'll come back to this). I bring in extra money working for a local estate sale company. I started in 2014 and while you won't get rich in this line of work I LOVE it. My introduction into this field was unusual - my mother-in-law actually cleans out estate sales and she suggested I help up a little at one of the sales. Here's where I got immensely fortunate - the woman running this particular company is easily one of the best people I know, and I was lucky that she liked me enough to bring me in when she needed a extra person on staff. Sadly she recently moved to Nashville and is starting up again from there. If you happen to be in Tennessee and are interested in estate sales LOOK HER UP!

These companies are normally run by one or two people, so if you visit an estate sale keep this in mind. Depending on the size of the estate there are usually at least 2 people there to help out. These individuals aren't (in my experience) real estate agents, they may or may not know what's going on with the house such as pricing or how nice the neighborhood is. There is a high chance they don't live anywhere in the area, they don't know where things are, basically they're at this location to help sell the contents and make a profit for the family. Now understand EVERY SALE IS DIFFERENT! Seriously. I've helped with foreclosed properties, families downsizing/moving, families who have experienced deaths and need help, businesses shutting down and needed to clear contents, and people who are still living in the home but want the majority of their possessions sold. Every company also has different rates and this can affect how things are priced - aside from who is running the sale. There is normally a set amount of money each sale is expected to meet, this also can dictate how things are priced.

Now what is my opinion on making estate sale work for you, as far as shopping them is concerned? It's the same answer I give to people who shop at our sales and prod me about how we must get the best stuff because we're working (hating this is an understatement - mainly because it implies they best stuff is gone because we took it - rude much?). Any who, the best things to get are things you will use! For me that's cleaning supplies, xmas and birthday presents and things I know friends and family are in need of. Example: my aunt was working in a commercial kitchen of a retirement home, but they weren't providing oven mitts so she asked me to find some. Now is this some major expense? No, of course not. But I usually buy a small bundle of things I like and to have them thrown in, costing me next to nothing, or nothing if it's left over at the end of our sale. At a recent sale I picked up a 2nd tier Roku, 5 good size candles, a Keurig and some cleaning supplies - including 2 opened boxes of magic erasers for $10. Can you say hellz yeah!?! Now sure I get a discount for working the sale on top of getting paid (BTW I make $12/hour is you're curious) but the Keurig was marked $10 to begin with. It needed to be cleaned, and we weren't sure it worked but for $10 alone it's a small gamble, once bundled with the other things I picked up there's no gamble at all.

This is a topic I'll be touching on A LOT so flip through the other articles on this topic or feel free to ask questions and I'll answer everything I can.

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