Ground Truths 

When I find something intriguing or necessary to my life I try to understand it enough to repair, before replacing comes to mind. Without a computer or vehicle, I would be stuck quickly, so I've done my fair share of work under both hoods and sympathize with fellow troubleshooters. 

Print & Media Design 

Digital 2D and print design is my native play space. Learning new programs helps to keep my skill evolving. I acquired an HP Designjet Z2100 Photo printer in my estate sale travels and am currently in the final repair stage of its refurbishment.


Boxed Lifestyle
bee, flower
Venus's Eye Trap Base Image
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Venus Eye Trap
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Rae's Cover
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Venus's Eye Trap Puzzle Pieces
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Habatually shooting is my pastime, gamifying the process, while converting images into assets. Pictured, Venus's Eye Trap is a single photograph of overlaid Bromeliad leaves. Seeking reprieve, outside in 2020, I stumbled across this shot while cleaning. I mirrored and duplicated this shot. Playing with diverse hues allowed this piece to take on alternate lives.

Work Timeline

Nov 2021 - Present

Design Print Airbrush -  3D print shop, streaming on Twitch, Timelapsed for YouTube, and Instagram. Creating functional everyday designs.

Oct 2019 - Continuous

Mining blockchains in 2018 laid foundational knowledge for NFT projects on OpenSea. Assisted in teaching community members in groups and individually. Transitioning this knowledge into NFTs, incorporating sound/haptics with time-lapsed videography. 

Jan 2012 - Dec 2019

Estate Sales of South Florida brought me to understand value, staging, spatial recognition & refined personal tastes.  Assisted with brand division/rebranding when ownership changed hands, twice, as well as everything in-between.

Nov 2012 - April 2014

Graphic Designer for Falkinburg Imagesetting, in Boca Raton, Florida.

Running designs from first client contact, design & approvals, imprinting postage, trimming through to dropping at the post office, when necessary. I enjoyed running my own Xerox Digital Printing Press, learning hiccups from techs, and had an amazing Art Director, Donna.

July 2010 - Nov 2010

Graphic Designer for Tossed Franchise Corporation, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. From sketched concepts, coordinating nationwide

locations, to directing production specifics with the assistance of various on-location printshops and individual store heads. 

April 2010 - May 2010

Graphic Designer at Bullion & Metal Brokers, Sunrise, Florida. In my short time here I produced package designs, website landing pages, and modeled jewelry (not my idea). 

Brittany Mayes

Jan 2010 - April 2010

Graphic Design Intern at CBS Interactive Sports, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After cutting my teeth on wireframes and resizing logos for brackets, I got to design a series of blog headers and a few different stand banners.

CBS Sports Banner

June 2002 - Feb  2007

Front-End Manager & Floral Asst. at Winn-Dixie #272. From having a store director ctrl+alt+del my servers during rush hour, to 4 hurricanes in a row, accompanied by 2 weeks sans power. Includes one of the best days of my life, as well as the day I went home covered head to toe in week-old seafood.

Education & Accomplishments Timeline

June 2014


2007 - 2010

2006 - 2009

Ohana Luxury Magazine photoshoot for Boxed Lifestyle

+10 photos published

Palm Beach State College

2-20 Property & Casualty Insurance License

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

Palm Beach Community College

Prerequisite & darkroom courses.

Tossed NY location 2011
3D Pokemone Takitakdo.jpg